How To Make A Rudolf Candy Cane Stocking Stuffer

These festive reindeer stocking stuffers will instantly upgrade any stocking!  They are as simple to make as they are cute!  Grab your needed supplies, put on holiday tunes, and channel your inner Rudolph.  Here are easy steps to make a candy cane stocking stuffer craft.

Needed Materials:

Step 1.  

Wrap the middle of the pipe cleaner once around the bend in the candy cane, and twirl the two ends away from the candy cane, forming them into spiral shapes. 

Step 2.

Glue a red or brown pom-pom onto the end of the candy cane.  This is the reindeer’s nose. 

Step 3. 

Glue two googly eyes onto the candy cane between the nose and the antlers. 

Now your reindeer is ready to be hung in a stocking!  Place the long end of the candy cane into the stocking and let the “head” rest on the lip of the stocking, facing outwards.  

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